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Referendum and Argentine pressure

Buy Soma Fedex Overnight

The Falkland Island Government held a Referendum in 2013 where we showed the world our desire to remain British (99.8% in favour); journalists galore arrived in the islands, though during Prince William’s helicopter posting here we had come accustomed to the world’s...
Track building

Alprazolam To Buy Online Uk

We have built a new road down the side of a stone-run, next to Argentine positions from 1982, to reduce our off-road journey time and to add to the comfort of our guests. Stone-runs (rivers of rock) are just one of many interesting geological features in the...
Our concerns for the wildlife

Get Cheap Xanax Online

We know the fabulous wildlife of the Falklands is very vulnerable. The major threat over the previous centuries has been Man, the predator, in the quest for oil from birds and animals. Now man-made disasters remain the major threat. Oil Spills In March 2008 penguins...