Welcome to
Bluff Cove Lagoon

Hattie and Kevin Kilmartin invite you on this exclusive tour to a private wildlife haven on their 35,000 acre sheep farm close to Stanley. The wildlife is spectacular; the beach is pristine; the Sea Cabbage Cafe is fabulous; and the shop/museum unique. This memorable three hour, award-winning tour gives you the full flavour of the Falklands and allows you time to explore Stanley.

Guests are greeted off the tenders by our shore-side team, lead by Larissa, at the Stanley pier. They will help our guests on to our Bluff buses and answer any questions. Marshall, Len, Graham and June, our mini-bus driver/guide team, give excellent informative presentations on the 30 minute bus ride through Stanley and along the road to Bluff Cove; through the 1982 battlefields and stunning stone-runs, flowing down the mountainsides. Each guest is given a 16 page glossy brochure about our tour.


“Birdwatching just doesn’t get any more civilised.” Will Gray, Wanderlust Magazine

At the farm, our guests are handed over to our strong local team of Land-Rover drivers for the 10 minute off-road adventure. The convoy navigates the stone-runs, weaves across a valley, up and over a rocky ridge then down to the beautiful, remote and tranquil Lagoon.

For the comfort of our guests, we keep the numbers to 4 passengers per vehicle. The drivers are our friends and neighbours who come to assist us to help make the day memorable.

Each driver brings his/her own modern, well-maintained, fully insured, 4×4 vehicle; an individual personality and wonderful character.

At The Lagoon

Our guests are met at the penguin rookery by our helpful and knowledgeable rangers, who will answer any wildlife questions guests may have.

Our guests have an hour to enjoy the wildlife at the rookery and beach. As well as the many Gentoo penguins they will also see our growing colony of King penguins and visiting Magellanic penguins on the beach.

At the rookery, we have benches, so our guests can watch the penguins in comfort. Guests with disabilities can be driven down from the rookery to the café and beach, by one of our friendly rangers.


“A wildlife spectacular! A cream tea to die for!” Nigel Marven, TV wildlife presenter

The Sea Cabbage Café and Bluff Cove Museum and Gift Shop are tucked under a grass bank facing the beautiful long white sand beach. In the warmth of the peat stove, guests can enjoy complimentary tea, coffee and hot chocolate served with heaps of Hattie’s home-baked treats. Guests can enjoy reading the interesting museum displays depicting Falkland life and browse around the exclusive gift shop just along the wooden walkway. New modern restrooms can be found by the museum shop.

After an hour, our team of drivers return guests to our minibus team, and they are driven back to Stanley, where they can explore and shop for the rest of their day in the Falklands.