The Bluff Cove Lagoon Team

TonyKeithOur team of experienced off-road drivers includes Keith, (right), who is a former international shearer and steer-rider. He built Crocodile Bridge over the creek on the way to the Lagoon; Eric (below right) who was decorated by the Queen for services during the war with Argentina; Tony (far right) - both he and Eric are accomplished horsemen and retired ranchers; Charles (main photo below, centre) our farming neighbour who manages the stock on Bluff Cove Farm along with Mark, (second from right). Marshall (far right), retired from farming at Dunbar on West Falkland and many others who will tell you the best stories of Falkland life. All are wonderful characters.



Other drivers in the team include Pete, Ron and Peter.  Pete (below right) plays the drums for the Fighting Pig Band who play in the Trough; Ron (below left) was the farm manager at Fitzroy Farm before he retired and moved to Stanley with his wife Linda who comes and helps in the café;  and Peter (right) and his wife Maggie (right), who plays the accordion for our guests, farm at Horseshoe Bay.

Ron Pete

Michael Goss


This year the Wooden Bogging Spoon - given to the driver who gets stuck in the peat and has to be pulled out the most times - was awarded toMichael Goss who was bogged only two times - it was a dry seaso.



Our knowledgeable Rangers at the Lagoon are led by Sally (left), who farmed at Hill Cove on West Falkland until retiring to Stanley.  Other Rangers ready to answer questions include: Brian, retired farmer, John, retired director of tourism, education and editor of Penguin News and excellent linguist, his son Dan (pictured left) and Joan, local historian and decorated by the Queen for services in Falkland's history.

Tea Ladies

Our regular tea ladies are Judy, Linda and Hattie (right) who have all lived on remote farms in the Falklands. Kevin's wife Hattie (below right) bakes the cakes and cookies. After growing up in the English Lake District, Hattie started cooking professionally in Switzerland, before cooking in Outer Mongolia, Scotland and Russia. She has travelled extensively. She ran a wildlife lodge on West Falkland for 7 years, and now manages Bluff Cove Falkland Tours.


TeamOur girls at the pier were really appreciated by our guests again this season as were our bus driver/guides.

Another popular member of our team is our resident musician Maggie, who farms with her husband Peter and is a brilliant accordionist;  Sylvia is our resident spinner and her demonstrations with local wool are very popular in the museum. 




The Team