Museum SignBluff Cove Museum

The Bluff Cove Museum opened in November 2009, next to the Sea Cabbage Café down by the “Best Beach for Nature Lovers” (Sunday Times Travel Magazine’s World’s 50 Best Beaches).  The Museum and shop are very popular with our guests.


The museum displays range from penguins to pioneers and include the life of Falkland Island sheep farmers and the history of Bluff Cove Farm.  Our resident spinner discusses the qualities of Falkland wool, local woollen crafts and demonstrates the spinning process. The farm exhibits also tell about the role of horses on Falkland farms, and about life generally in “camp” (the countryside); schooling, transport including the air taxis and coastal shipping, communications, traditional music, peat-cutting, Sports week and doctor’s camp visits.  

Other exhibits include: Falkland Flavours - as well as the rearing of farm animals, harvesting our seasonal wild foods - egging, gosling-chasing, fishing, berry-picking and foraging for mushrooms.  Charles Darwin’s ride with the Gauchos across the farm in 1834 on his round the world scientific journey which led to his theory of evolution.  The “Sugar Wreck” (Prussian Barque Adeline) - one of many shipwrecks around our coast - wrecked at Bluff Cove in 1863, was named after a cargo of “sugar loaves”, which gave their name to mountains such as Sugar Loaf in Rio.  The 1982 war with Argentina, focusing on the Yellow Beach landings on Bluff Cove Farm and life during the occupation.  The defeat of Argentina brought back democracy to Argentina and permitted the Falkland Islanders to determine their own futures.  Lagoon wildlife and marine life, the geology, stone-runs and fossils.  And the role of the Falkland Islands in fishing, sealing and whaling.

The museum showcases local artists with exhibitions of paintings and felting.  And also live music;  such as Andi Neate, a Scottish singer/songwriter, who played for our guests in the museum during her visits to the Islands - pictured here with Toby and our resident spinner, Sylvia.   The museum supports local charities with an interest in Falkland history such as the Robin Lee Memorial Trust, which promotes traditional Falkland music and the gathering of oral history,  an area the museum is developing for future exhibits, recording the pioneering spirit of the Islanders. 


ShopThe museum shop sells unique Bluff Cove gifts including our delicious Diddle Dee jam, handspun and hand-dyed Falkland wool and local art and crafts, to remind guests of their visit to the Falkland Islands.


We hope very much that our guests will take away with them a new idea or discovery.  This season we will have leaflets giving more information on each of our exhibits for our guests to keep, so they may find out more about the subjects that interest them.