Bluff Cove Farm and Family 

Bluff Cove Farm is a 35,000 acre sheep farm and is owned by Kevin Kilmartin and his family. He has 3,000 Perendale sheep and over 100 Belted Galloway cattle. Kevin started the Bluff Cove Lagoon Falkland Penguins Tour as a farm diversification in 2001. He came to the islands in 1976 after graduating from university in England and travelling through South America.


SheepCattle on beach
Sheep SheeringSheep

 Family News 

In 2006 Kevin married Hattie at Bluff Cove Lagoon. Their son Toby was born in 2007. Kevin's older children Claire and Clovis are presently overseas studying and travelling.

Toby has been coming down to the Lagoon since he was a couple of weeks old. When he isn’t playing on the beach building sandcastles and paddling, he helps in the café sweeping the floor.  He also helps Hattie with the baking. Pictured here making tea berry muffins.


Toby at the Lagoon



Kevin and Hattie’s wedding

The guests and the bridal party all wore boiler suits for the fun occasion. The ceremony was held outside the Sea Cabbage Café, facing the white sandy beach, from where bemused penguins watched the proceedings. Following the ceremony, the wedding lunch which was cooked by Hattie, was served in the Sea Cabbage Café. Later in the afternoon the wedding cake was cut, then tents were put up for the guests who were staying the night. After supper the party continued accompanied by accordion and guitar. No Falkland Island camp wedding is complete without a good bogging on the way home, and this did happen to a couple of the guests returning to Stanley.

 The Wedding